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The construction season is short in our service area, putting a large workload on CVEA personnel during the summer and fall months. To avoid installation after your preferred date, consumers should request electric service as early as possible and provide necessary information in a timely manner.

If you are a new member, looking to hook up service, please visit the New Service page for information and instructions.

The following steps summarize the general process and procedures necessary for CVEA to complete construction of a new or upgraded service. Variances may be necessary for individual requests, and the CVEA staking technician will communicate these as the process advances.

  1. Complete Form 421: New/Upgraded Electrical Service Request Form available at the Glennallen of Valdez CVEA Office or online at cvea.org; your form will include:
    • Contact Information for applicant/landowner/contractor
    • Connected Load
    • Site Plans
    • Other utilities sharing the trench/structure
    • Construction completion date
  2. A staking technician will contact you to discuss the project and schedule a site visit
  3. While we are designing and estimating your service, you should begin obtaining any necessary permits, material, and arrange for land clearing/grading as needed
  4. Once design is complete, CVEA will send you an approved cost estimate
    • Please return the signed cost estimate and any associated payments
    • Loan applications are available through CVEA is interested
  5. For most projects, CVEA will draft a Right-of-Way Easement and Agreement to Extend for your notarized signature
    • Both CVEA main offices have all documents available and a notary in-house for your convenience
  6. After payment is received, all documents are in place, the project meets CVEA requirements for installation, and the meter base is installed per CVEA Meter Base Guidelines and City approved (Valdez only), then your project is released to be installed. Date of completion is dependent on work load at the time of release.

Hitting a buried power line is a hazard to your safety, the safety of others, and the integrity of the utility systems. Please call for cable locates before you dig. For CVEA line locates, call 811.

Please Read Before You Dig:

For your safety and the protection of the underground facilities, your local utilities require you to hand-dig within two feet of any locate marks. If you unearth any utility underground cables, please call the utility immediately. Keep yourself and others away from the exposed cable site.

NOTICE: Any damage done to City, electric, telephone, or television underground facilities is the responsibility of the person or company doing the excavation work.



Kathryn Peltier, CVEA Staking Technician: 907-835-7025 or email peltier@cvea.org