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Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a free service to CVEA residential energy members that helps manage cash flow by providing a predictable monthly energy expense.

The budget billing program is designed to minimize large fluctuations in energy bills from season to season (it is not a cost-savings or discount program). The monthly bill is based on an average of the member's previous 12 months’ usage, but it may be adjusted for changes in rates.

Enrollment in the program will be April–May annually. If enrolled in April, the first budget bill will be May 20. If enrolled in May, the first budget bill will be June 20.

Meters will continue to be read on a monthly basis, and members will continue to receive a monthly bill. The bill will indicate the current kilowatt-hour consumption and the current budget billing amount.

The budget billing program is available to all year-round residential members, based on the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Member has received service at the CVEA location for at least 12 months
  2. Member must enter program with an account balance of zero or a credit balance
  3. Member is in good standing, which is defined as having no more than one delinquency in payment during the last 12 consecutive months

Signing up is easy!

Members can sign up for budget billing April 1 through May 31 of each year by completing the information below. Participation is not mandatory and may be discontinued by either the member or CVEA at any time by written notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no service charge or fee with CVEA’s budget billing program.
Budget billing is a billing option to help members manage cash flow by providing a predictable monthly energy expense.
A member electing to participate in the budget billing program will pay a monthly amount equal to the average of the most recent 12 months’ bills.
The accounts under the budget billing program will be reviewed at least once per year.
CVEA staff will periodically review budget billing accounts. If the estimated monthly billing amount varies significantly (10 percent or more) from actual usage cost, a new monthly billing amount will be calculated and you will be notified of the billing change. The Association may adjust the consumer’s monthly amount to bring the account into approximate balance. If during the true-up it is determined the consumer has been overcharged, the amount overcharged will be credited to his/her account. Estimates for budget billing amounts will be available upon request.
The monthly budget billing amount may be adjusted for significant changes in the Association’s base rates or fuel adjustment factors if CVEA believes the change may have a material impact on consumer bills.
The monthly bill of each budget billing program participant shall include the following additional information: actual kilowatt-hour consumption, amount due for actual consumption, budget billing amount due, and accumulated variation in actual versus budget billing amount.
No. Because of seasonal variation in CVEA’s rates, joining this program is limited to April and May only. This allows members to build a credit in the summer before going into the winter months when fuel costs are typically higher.
A member who terminates participation in the program, but not service, will have any outstanding credit balances applied to the current bill. Any credit balance in excess of that credited to the current bill will be credited to future bills. Any outstanding balances owed to the Association will be due on the member’s current bill and subject to normal collection procedures.
Any member who disputes the accuracy of a bill shall notify CVEA and state reasoning in support of his/her position. Such notice shall not be sufficient reason to withhold payment. If a bill is found to be incorrect, the Association will credit the amount of overpayment to the next bill rendered. Any amount due to the member in excess of that will be credited to the following bill.
If a consumer under the plan fails to pay the budget billing obligation in any month, including the settlement month, normal collection procedures will be followed, including disconnection if necessary.
For additional information regarding the budget billing program, please contact Mary Ellen Bedrick at bedrick@cvea.org or 907-822-8303.