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CVEA Community Foundation

What is the CVEA Community Foundation?

A 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that promotes and sponsors the community support activities of CVEA, allowing CVEA to do more for the people we serve.

Foundation Mission

To provide scholarships for students and contributions to educational, scientific, and charitable organizations in our communities. Education and youth programs stand to be the biggest recipients of Foundation funds.

CVEA's flagship programs are the Educational Scholarship Program, the Youth Leadership Program, and the Nonprofit Contribution Season.

Funding of the Foundation

Read how the Foundation is funded and to make a Foundation Donation

Contributions to Local Non-Profit Organizations

2022 Contribution Season 

The Foundation’s Board approved $23,666 to fund the 2022 contribution season; the largest amount of available funds to date. Local organizations who meet Foundation guidelines are encouraged to apply. Applications are available at the link below. The 2022 deadline will be Thursday, August 18. Requests will be reviewed by a volunteer committee in September/October, and awards will be distributed in November/December. 

If you are a local non-profit and are interested in asking the CVEA Community Foundation for financial support, please visit our Community Support page for our contribution guidelines and a very easy interactive application.

Help by serving on the CVEA Community Foundation Contributions Committee

The Contributions Committee is made up of CVEA members, employees, and Board members from both districts. Service is strictly volunteer. Members are responsible for making non-profit funding recommendations to the CVEA Community Foundation Board of Directors.
The Committee is tasked with:
- Reviewing and Scoring all non-profit contribution request forms
- Developing a recommendation outlining which requests will be filled and at what level
- Submitting recommendations to the CVEACF Board for annual contributions
The committee typically meets twice; one meeting is organizational and the second is to review scores and outline funding recommendations. Meetings take place in September and/or October, and are determined by the availability of the members.
This is known to be a fun, interesting, and informative committee.
If you are interested, please contact Sharon at sscheidt@cvea.org or give her a call 255-1425.

2021 Contribution Season

In 2021 a record $19,254 was awarded to 16 local nonprofit organizations. Contributions were awarded to the following in December:

Non-Profit Contributions

CVEA Community Foundation Youth Leadership Program

Each year the CVEA Community Foundation sends two students, one from each district, to the Idaho Youth Rally . This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for sophomores and juniors attending high schools in our service area, that allows students to practice leadership, teamwork, and communication skills while learning about the electric industry and issues utilities face. The Idaho Youth Rally provides an all expense paid week of travel, educational sessions, meeting new people, summer games of challenge and field trips. The week long summer camp will be held at Albertson College in Caldwell, Idaho, in July.

In addition, while at the Rally, students have an opportunity to earn additional educational scholarships and be selected to serve a two-year term representing their Cooperative and the entire state of Alaska on the National Youth Leadership Council. This privilege allows them to attend the National Youth Tour, along with over 1500 other students from 47 states, in Washington, D.C., return to D.C. for a fun training week with other Council representatives, and participate at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's annual meeting.

This is an experience like no other and it is waiting for YOU!! Click on the photos above to see some of the fun had at the Youth Rally and the National Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. 'Like' the Copper Valley Electric Association Facebook page to view the complete albums from the trips. You can click the Facebook icon above to go straight to this page.